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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Why we are doing this podcast?

The Black men and women killed from police brutality in the last few years. These are the "known" faces.

These Are They're Names

Are you truly baffled by what’s going on? Do you genuinely want to understand but are you worried about offending? White Speak breaks down the complex Black Lives Matter Movement and what led up to it.

Too often white people are uncomfortable with conversations regarding race. They also have problems understanding important issues surrounding Black people and the Black community. Like how we got to where we are right now. The protests—the upheaval.

White Speak is a new podcast that aims to help explain, articulate and simplify those issues while having meaningful discussions with special guests. Each episode of White Speak will tackle various subjects in efforts to give the white and non-Black community a better understanding on how race and racism affects Black people and greater society as a whole.

White Speak is hosted by Emmy Award winning filmmaker Cayman Grant and award winning filmmaker Ralph Richardson. We will be offering perspectives from both sides of the spectrum.

Send Us Your Questions:

We will answer all of your questions. Whether you think they're obvious to us or not. We understand that there are burning questions that the non-Black community have; things they don't understand.

We're Inspired

We're thrilled to see the action and movement that's being taken across America and the globe. It's an unprecedented time. Reminds us of 1968. For those who don't know much about the 1960s. Now is a good time to learn. 2020 seems to be a mirror to 1968. We feel this time though, things are really going to change. Thanks for being on this ride with us!

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